Founder Holly Hurd has met and profiled over 400 small female-founded businesses on and through her blog, book, newsletter and social media. The VentureMomPinkBook, an offshoot of, is a way to share all of the great women she has met over the past several years and to gather others across the country.

All your favorite female founded businesses in one easily-searchable place – what could be better!?!? The PinkBook is taking the conversation in the grocery story or gym, where you ask your friend for a decorator, dog walker, tutor, organizer OR cool product offered by a female founded company, and digitized that process. Find everyone in the PinkBook. Read reviews and contact directly.

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Women Business Owner Facts & Stats

Find the products and providers your friends would recommend, all easily searchable on the PinkBook. Now there’s a digitized version of your grocery store conversation when your friends suggests a great business.

There are 11.6 MILLION women-owned businesses in the US resulting in $1.7 TRILLION in sales and employing 9 MILLION people. Women start about 849 new businesses EVERY DAY here in the US. Compared to 20 years ago, the number of women-owned businesses has increased 114%. The PinkBook lists all the women owned businesses for you, recommended by others.

Now you can find the best products and providers, all in one place – and support female-founded –

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Use the PinkBook to connect with and hire women-owned businesses. Use the PinkBook to find products offered by female-founded companies. It’s completely free to search for Pink Pros anytime you need someone for you, your family, your life.

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