Francine Tesler Psychic Medium Medical Intuitive- “Life, Health, and Business Strategist.”

A Psychic Medium for People who don’t Usually go to Psychics.
“So, What Do You Really Want to Know?”

Let me help guide your health and healing for mind, body, and soul.


Francine Tesler is a Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive with over forty years of experience. She is best known for being “The Psychic for People Who Don’t Usually Go to Psychics” and was featured on Good Day New York with Rosanna Scotto. Francine has been making psychic predictions since her childhood.

As a highly skilled psychic medium, Francine has a unique ability to see, hear, and feel things. During her sessions, she writes notes such as “Automatic writing” or “Free Writes” and shares them with clients in person or via email. Her art background allows her to convey warm, humorous, and descriptive messages. Despite having dyslexia and ADHD, she puts together images like giant puzzles, which she relays to clients in a way that is specific to their reading and contains symbolism, surrealism, precognition, and realism.

In addition to being a medium, Francine is also a skilled medical intuitive. She has predicted medical issues with great accuracy that were previously untreated and could have ended negatively. For instance, she had a dream about her father being pregnant and getting a c-section with “dancing pickles over him,” which turned out to be a message about his upcoming triple hernia surgery.

Francine offers personalized, spiritually-driven in-person, online, virtually, or in-studio sessions to help clients find peace, acceptance, clarity, insight, and closure. As a Psychic Medium Medical Intuitive Guide, she can help clients gain clarity, direction, and insight by tuning into their energy and those around them. She also focuses on life, health, and business.

Francine creates a safe, comfortable space for her clients’ customized, spiritually-driven experience. They can trust her to provide spiritual guidance tailored to their unique needs.


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