A little over a decade ago, an idea began to germinate. An idea for a space devoted to nature, curated for the garden and home, and made to merge beauty and utility. Our founder, Dick Hayne, having just rekindled a friendship with his own garden but wanting for a local source of inspiration, set about gathering a group of like-minded plant, home, and design enthusiasts who would soon become the first Terrain employees. In the spring of 2008, with dirt still under our nails from weeks spent unloading plants in the nursery, we opened the doors of our flagship location in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania on the site of the historic J. Franklin Styer’s Nursery. Since that cool spring we’ve been busily growing, opening an expanded online shop and additional brick-and-mortar locations in Westport, CT and Devon, PA. In partnership with our sister brand, we also introduced capsule shops in select Anthropologie & Co. stores in Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, and Los Angeles, CA, as well as in Bethesda, MD. With every season we’ve learned something new from our customers, a fellow community of curious gardeners, all quick to share when discovering a fresh idea, an exciting plant cultivar, or gardening secret. It follows that Terrain has become a place to gather, to explore and share, to get your hands in the dirt, or to simply take in the garden’s hidden places. From diverse native plants, hand-picked planters, and all-weather furniture, to seasonal décor elements, outdoor lighting, and gifts; our product assortment is curated to find beauty in natural imperfection, and to enhance a life lived outdoors and in. To that end – and because it happens to be what we love ourselves – our retail locations are situated in lush indoor-outdoor environments, often featuring an on-site nursery, garden cafe, and private event space. Visiting one is an experience for all the senses, and one we can’t wait to share.


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