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As a trademark attorney with over 20 years of experience, Laurie Marshall has set out to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with the legal aspects of branding their company for a low cost, flat fee.

Currently, she represents close to 500 clients in a variety of industries including many clients that come through the Daymond John Academy. Previously, Laurie was in-house Trademark Counsel for Major League Baseball for 10 years.  She continues to represent many MLB clubs as well as the National Basketball Association. She speaks regularly on the Legal Aspects of Branding a Small Business at events and conferences throughout the U.S.

Laurie handles a broad range of trademark matters including worldwide trademark prosecution and trademark clearance and enforcement. She also negotiates and drafts settlement agreements and deals extensively with opposition matters.  Laurie is admitted to the New York State Bar, Eastern District of New York, and Southern District of New York.


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