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Wendy Piazza and Gina Reid found themselves helping their own kids and their friends’ kids with the college, internship, and job search process. Their background gave them the skills to develop resumes and teach networking and interview preparation. They decided to join forces and their firm, Define Yourself, was born.

We start with a conference call with the graduate. This allows us to get to know them and hear about their career goals and learn about what they’ve done for work and in college.” Wendy says that many kids don’t know how to talk about their experiences and need to learn how to present themselves in the best light, on paper and in person. Some also need guidance determining their strengths and career direction.

“One of our goals is to help kids talk about their skills and strengths in a constructive way. This is huge for them in the interviewing process. We teach them how to research companies and target their letters to the specific company and position.”

Wendy says, “We encourage the graduates’ parents to help them develop a list of friends and associates who might help their child in some way. It might be an informational interview or a referral but there are always people who can assist.”

The two women recognize that they can’t get someone a job but they can help “their kids” define themselves by developing the confidence and direction to present their skills and accomplishments in the best possible light. “The greatest reward is when a kid calls and you can hear the excitement and confidence in their voice telling you that they got a job. That makes it such a fulfilling venture for us.”


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